FlexiSpace MultiTier

175.00 SAR
Revolutionize your storage with FlexiSpace, the 3-tier collapsible wire shelving unit equipped with wheels for effortless mobility. Designed for versatility, this foldable storage solution is perfect for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and beyond. Whether you need extra space for books, kitchenware, or bathroom essentials, FlexiSpace adapts to your changing needs, combining convenience, durability, and style in one dynamic package.

Versatile and Mobile: A 3-tier, foldable wire shelving unit on wheels, adaptable for use in kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms, offering flexibility in storage and mobility.
Durable Material: Constructed from high-quality carbon steel, ensuring longevity and stability in storing a wide range of items including tools, bathroom essentials, and kitchen appliances.
Smart Design: Features a collapsible design for easy storage when not in use, and a no-tool assembly for a hassle-free setup, making it an ideal organizer for any space.