250.00 SAR
Meet CrispEase, the smart electric air fryer that redefines home cooking with its 4.5L capacity, ideal for families and food enthusiasts. This compact yet powerful kitchen appliance combines steam technology and digital controls to offer a versatile range of cooking options, from frying and roasting to baking. Whether you're crafting healthy meals or indulging in comfort food, CrispEase innovative design ensures delicious results with minimal oil, making every meal a guilt-free pleasure.

Large Capacity: Featuring a 4.5L cooking capacity, this electric air fryer caters to family-sized meals, enabling healthy cooking with less or no oil.
Advanced Control: Equipped with digital controls for precise cooking, this fryer offers a variety of settings to perfectly cook a wide range of dishes.
Efficient Cooking: Utilizes heated air circulation technology to ensure even cooking and crispy results, all while being designed with a non-stick PTFE coating for easy cleaning