Multi-purpose lint remover

112.00 SAR 99.00 SAR

Save money without buying batteries and be eco-friendly. You can carry this lint remover wherever you go, and it's very convenient to use. Suitable for travel and home use.

Comfortable and durable, because it is equipped with a powerful motor and a stainless steel cutting head that can quickly suction lint balls.

Efficient with a large storage capacity.

The large shaving head is characterized by strong magnetic attraction, covering a larger area.

The task is completed quickly and efficiently without damaging the fabric.

Rechargeable and environmentally friendly.

The rechargeable lint remover can operate for 40-50 minutes after full charge.

The lint remover collects all lint from clothes or furniture.

You can clearly see the interior condition and clean it at the right time thanks to the transparent design.

Double protection design: The electric lint remover features flexible blades and a Honeycomb Honi Comb mesh that can protect any fabric from damage.

Multi-purpose, easily removes loose threads, lint balls from your winter coat, sweater, scarf, gloves, teddy bear toys, car seat cushions, sofa, jeans, bed sheets, curtains, linens, and other clothing or fabrics that need lint removal.


Use: Home, sleepwear, and duvets.

Material: Stainless Steel.